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Coastal Regional Commission Practicum Series

Beginning in 2012, the Coastal Regional Commission has hosted a series of trainings that focus on the best practices for addressing the local government performance standards included in their regional plan. The plan itself states that “Our aim is to advocate and promote good policy and professional practice by keeping policy-makers abreast of innovative approaches and sustainable practices.” The Regional Commission fulfils this goal by offering a series of practicums each year for the residents and local governments in Coastal Georgia. They have covered such topics as: design guidelines; transportation; aging in place; livable communities; and, the National Flood insurance Program. The CRC anticipates 5 to 6 practicums during the 2014-2015 timeframe, including topics such as: Broadband & Community Planning, Zoning Procedures & Economic Development; Healthy Communities & Healthy Economy; Community Rating System, Long Range Transportation Planning and GIS & Resilient Community Planning. Lupita McClenning
Director of Planning & Government Services
Coastal Regional Commission

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