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Blairsville Redevelopment

Several objectives in the Blairsville comprehensive plan center on downtown redevelopment, from the need to create a downtown master plan, to establishing a Downtown Development Authority (DDA). Blairsville’s downtown revolves around the Union County Courthouse and the nearby Blairsville City Hall, both listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is the center of activity for many local events. The Blairsville DDA, created in 2005 as called for in the comprehensive plan, quickly went to work addressing the downtown redevelopment activities identified in the plan. And, their efforts have been quite successful: Blairsville became a Better Hometown in 2007 (now Main Street); A major downtown streetscape project has been completed, and two historic buildings on the square are being completely restored. These buildings are vital to the growth of downtown Blairsville and should be complete soon. The DDA is continuing to find new ways to revitalize and reinvigorate downtown Blairsville. Comprehensive Plan


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