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Carrollton Greenbelt

Carrollton is developing a new greenbelt linking downtown and the University of West Georgia campus as called for in the short-term work program of their comprehensive plan. This new trail will enhance the attractiveness and quality of life in Carrollton and the West Georgia University community, and will make the larger community a more attractive location for visitors as well as new business and industry. To date, two sections, totaling four miles, have been completed, with another two sections, about four miles, under construction. The Carrollton comprehensive plan has a stated policy of "Continue expanding the Carrollton Greenbelt and invest in parks and open spaceā€¦." The 2008-2012 short term work program expressly calls for building of the Greenbelt in the Transportation section. Their most recent plan continues activities to support and improve the Greenbelt. Comprehensive Plan


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