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Suwanee Planning Retreats

Keeping the comprehensive plan in the forefront for local leadership is a priority in Suwannee. The elected leadership, other key leaders, and city staff meet annually to discuss the plan, what has been accomplished during the past year to implement the plan, and the set implementation priorities for the upcoming year. This process of annual review and discussion is laid out in the plan, for instance: in its “Suwanee, Georgia 2030 Comprehensive Plan” prepared in 2008, the City included a specific section devoted to plan updating, and it includes reminders to review the plan annually but also to update the short term work program on an annual basis. Another work program item addresses the ‘how’- holding joint meetings annually with the Council, the DDA, the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of appeals and other interested parties. This way, the City insures that all aspects of the plan are addressed by the right agency. This attention to plan update has resulted in an extremely well-used comprehensive plan for the City of Suwanee. Marty Allen
City Manager
City of Suwanee Planning


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