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Dublin Urban Redevelopment Plan

Revitalization activities in Dublin are a priority in the Laurens County Joint Comprehensive Plan. The City of Dublin developed an Urban Redevelopment Plan for the Southside community with hopes of removing barriers that have hindered redevelopment efforts. The City is guiding implementation of the Plan, which includes creation of an Enterprise Zone and state-designed Opportunity Zone, as well as pursuing other state and federal programs to encourage redevelopment projects in the area. The city backed up the plan with significant public investment in the area via the Southside Gateway Project (2011-12) which provided new traffic signals, lighting, sidewalks, and curbing, landscaping and streetscape amenities along the MLK Corridor. Several activities have occurred in the wake of this plan and associated public investment, including Piglet Supermarkets, Inc. (2008). The business is a privately owned grocery store that built a new facility and created 20 new jobs. Another entity locating in the Zone was Alterra Networks, LLC (2012). The business offers Cisco, computer, internet networking. The company renovated the old Post Office and created 8 new jobs. Deborah Stanley


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