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Macon Neighborhood Revitalization

The City of Macon values its traditional neighborhoods. Throughout its comprehensive plan are policies, strategies and implementation measures aimed at strengthening and revitalizing these neighborhoods. Of special importance are those historic neighborhoods adjacent to the Urban/Downtown Macon character area, including the Beall’s Hill neighborhood, which sits between downtown Macon and Mercer University. Beall's Hill is the third neighborhood surrounding Tattnall Square Park to be revitalized since 1996. This project received rezoning approval that allows mixed-use redevelopment, including residential, multi-family dwellings, neighborhood business/retail, public buildings, public parks and churches. Redevelopment of this neighborhood has improved the neighborhood for residential and commercial residents, adding workforce housing as well as space for retail redevelopment. The Beall’s Hill neighborhood is part of the College Hill Corridor, an economic development entity focusing on creating jobs and housing throughout this corridor between Mercer and downtown Macon. Macon Bibb Planning and Zoning


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