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Grayson Highway Overlay District

The 2009 comprehensive plan for the City of Grayson utilizes character areas to define future development for the City and to oversee new development along its main corridors. The plan makes use of its Future Development Map to establish the visions and development patterns aspired to in each of these character areas, and the tools necessary to achieve this. One such tool is overlay districts applied within their adopted zoning ordinance. A good example of these overlays is that for GA Hwy. 20. A large part of the City’s commercial development is along this corridor and contributes heavily to the community’s economic base. This overlay established regulations for high-quality, appropriate and compatible new commercial development along the corridor. Another such overlay was established for Uptown Grayson to provide for new mixed-use commercial and retail development as well as civic and institutional uses. These overlays serve to help the community maintain its attractiveness, and this helps draw new commercial and residential development.

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