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South Rome Redevelopment

The Rome-Floyd County comprehensive plans have long envisioned redevelopment and sustainable development in the area of South Rome, specifically calling for housing revitalization and support of the South Rome Redevelopment Corporation in the work programs. South Rome is one of Rome’s oldest neighborhoods outside the City center, having started in the 1870’s. The City of Rome has used DCA’s CHIP program to build quality, affordable workforce housing in the distressed South Rome neighborhood. Rome’s CHIPBuild project has numerous single-family homes on lots where previously burned or decayed structures had been removed. These programs have been so successful that planned redevelopment of North Rome is now being undertaken. The importance of the redevelopment of its neighborhoods and the provision of workforce housing is reinforced by inclusion of a web link to more information under “Economic Development” on the Rome-Floyd County website. Bekki Fox
Rome-Floyd County


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