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Dalton and Whitfield County Create Joint Community Development Corporation

The Whitfield County Comprehensive Plan recognizes that safe and affordable housing is an integral part of a community’s economic strategy. As a result, the Dalton-Whitfield Community Development Corporation was founded in the early 2000s. Their mission statement is “To facilitate the ability of all Dalton, Whitfield County and regional residents to acquire and maintain safe and decent housing.” To that end, this CDC has worked diligently to promote and provide quality housing for the citizens of Dalton and Whitfield County. Over the years, the organization has addressed issues relating to both owner-occupied and rental housing. They have coordinated workshops on topics ranging from homebuyer education to foreclosure prevention to refinancing and repairing a house to provision of housing for the homeless, and many other topics. The CDC also works with developers to locate financing and take advantage of incentives for provision of affordable housing within the community. Gaile Jennings
Office of Workforce Housing and Quality Growth

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