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Selected ARRA Projects

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Selected ARRA Projects - 6/26/12


Click on the links below for project narratives and pictures:

2008AR-009 Antigua Place
2008AR-030 Dogwood View
2008AR-044 Mallard Lake
2008AR-056 Camellia Lane
2008AR-068 Oconee Park
2008AR-076 Skyline
2008AR-072 Friendship Crossing
2008AR-060 Adamsville Green

2008AR-020 Rosewood Estates

2008AR-019 Waterford Shannon Estates

2008AR-031 Willow

2008AR-008 Baptist Tower

2008AR-074 Baker Village

2007AR-050 Auburn Point I

2007AR-052 Collegetown II

2008AR-064 Prairie Summit

2008AR-075 Landing at Southlake

2008AR-032 Pine Terrace

2008AR-006 Terrace at Edinburgh

2009AR-001 Columbia Hill

2008AR-093 Potemkin Senior Village

2008AR-033 Woodvale I

2008AR-025 Woodvale II

2008AR-063 Veranda II

2008AR-010 Southwood

2008AR-011 Hooks Plantation

2008AR-073 West Haven Senior Village

2008AR-065 Tower at Dorsey Manor

2008AR-061 Paradise Estates

2009AR-507 Amal Heights

2008AR-062 Veranda III

2008AR-048 Pine Meadows

2008AR-054 Galleria Manor at Smyrna

2009AR-050 Hummingbird Pointe

2009AR-049 Shangri-La Park

2009AR-061 Ruthie Manor

2007AR-0461 Seven Courts

2009AR-015 Ridgefield Place

2009AR-005 Powell Place

2008AR-059 Sustainable Fellwood II

2009AR-006 Woodlawn Terrace

2009AR-014 Harristown Park

2009AR-058 Park Place of Carrollton II

2009AR-027 Columbia Townhomes at Edgewood

2009AR-047 Heritage at Madison Point

2009AR-009 Cove at Southlake

2009AR-056 Cameron Court II

2009AR-023 Sustainable Fellwood III

2009AR-017 Ware Hotel

2009AR-502 Flipper Temple

2009AR-066 Lakewood Hills Senior Village

2009AR-069 Savannah Gardens

2009AR-055 Shoal Creek Manor

2009AR-042 Antioch Villas and Gardens

2009AR-002 Etowah Terrace


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