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Home Income Verification Memorandum 3.10.16  
Home Student Rule Memorandum 3.10.16

VAWA Memo (PDF) - 4/1/2014


Guidance on Fair Housing Act- Protection for Persons with Limited English Proficiency 9.15.2016  new

HUD notice 201519 Using Arrest Records in Housing Decisions

HUD OGC on FHA and Criminal Records

Disparate Impact and Applicant Screening Webinar by AMRENT/ Vendome Real Estate Media


DCA HOME Monitoring Presentation (PDF)

DCA Compliance Reviews Presentation (PDF)


MITAS Update (doc) - 11/1/17

Mitas User FAQ (doc) - 8/3/11

Mitas User Mgmt Co List (xlsx) - newly revised

MITAS DCA FAQ (pdf) - 8/3/11

Mitas Property Manager Guide (docm) - 7/21/11

Memo – Mitas Data Entry Required (doc) - 7/14/11

Mitas Non-Compliance Memo (pdf) - 3/31/11

MITAS Update Memo (pdf) - 3/8/11

MITAS Data Memo (pdf) - 11/10/10

MITAS Priority Memo (docx) - 12/15/11

Mitas Memo - 2001 & 1990-1994 Data Entry (pdf) - 12/8/11