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Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP)
Office of Affordable Housing

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General Program Description

The Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP) authorizes HUD to address financing gaps in eligible Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects via a formula-based allocation to State housing credit allocation agencies. The housing credit agencies in each State shall distribute these funds competitively and according to their qualified allocation plan.  Projects awarded low income housing tax credits in fiscal years 2007, 2008, or 2009 are eligible for funding, but housing credit agencies must give priority to projects that are expected to be completed by February 2012. Seventy-five percent of TCAP funds must be committed by February 2010, 75 percent must be expended by February 2011, and 100 percent of the funds must be expended by February 2012. Georgia has received an allocation of $54,481,680.  A list of selected TCAP projects is provided in the "Selected TCAP Projects" section below.

Program Description and Term Sheet

TCAP Program Term Sheet (pdf) - 1/19/2010

Georgia Application and Award Process for TCAP

Cost Analysis and Energy Efficiency Review Procedures

Approved Contractor List

TCAP Fee Policy (pdf) - 1/4/10

Selected TCAP Projects

2008AR-068 Riverview Heights (fka Oconee Park)

2008AR-060 Adamsville Green

2008AR-008 Baptist Tower

2008AR-074 Baker Village

2009AR-001 Columbia Hill

2008AR-065 Tower at Dorsey Manor

2007AR-0461 Seven Courts

2008AR-059 Sustainable Fellwood II

2009AR-006 Woodlawn Terrace

2009AR-023 Sustainable Fellwood III

2009AR-502 Flipper Temple

2009AR-002 Etowah Terrace

TCAP Potentially Eligible Projects (xls) 9/30/09

1512 Reporting Requirements

All recipients of TCAP funding MUST comply with 1512 Reporting Requirements.  DCA requires that each project have a designated 1512 representative and a backup that are responsible for completing and submitting to DCA all quarterly reports and related documentation as prescribed by DCA.

TCAP Project Set Up Report (xls) - 1/20/11


Federal Compliance

HUD Recovery - TCAP

Section 1512 Jobs Reporting Overview

Section 504

Environmental Clearance Documentation

National Environmental Policy Guidance

DCA HUD HOME/TCAP/NSP Environmental Review Process

Draw Procedures

ARRA Draw Procedures

DCA Federal Compliance Manual

DCA Federal Compliance Manual

Closing Documentation

ALTA Survey Requirements

Draft TCAP Loan Agreement (pdf) - 07/13/2009

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TCAP Loan Term Sheet (pdf) - 5/12/09

Notice to TCAP