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Qualified Allocation Plan Documents 2003

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2003 OAH Application Manual Forms

2003 Qualified Allocation Plan (PDF)
OAH 2003-100 Core Application (Zip file)
OAH 2003-100 Core Application Instructions (PDF)

2003 Application Manual Individual Forms
Introduction (Word document)
Table of Contents (Word document)
Order Form (Word document)
Application Advisory (Word document)
IRS Form 8821 (PDF)
Tenant Household Data Form (Word document)
Certification Letter (Word document)
Low Income Housing Tax Credit Cover Letter (Word document)
Acquisition Credit Legal Opinion (Word document)
CHDO Certification Form (Word document)
Tenant General Information Notice (Word document)
HOME Tenant Relocation Plan (Word document)
Tenant Relocation Cost Estimate (Word document)
Move In Notice (Word document)
Temporary Relocation Notice (Word document)
Notice of Nondisplacement (Word document)
Instructions For Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (Word document)
Affirmative Marketing Plan Form (Word document)
Federal Contracts Certification Form (Word document)
Discloser of Lobbying Activities (PDF)
Federal Applicant Discloser Form (Word document)
Local Government Form (Word document)
Debt Letter (Word document)
Equity Letter (Word document)
Non Profit Certification Letter (Word document)
PHA Certification Letter (Word document)
Lead Based Paint Discloser (PDF)
MBE/WBE Outreach Plan Guide Form (Word document)
Lead Based Paint Discloser Form (PDF)
Notices to Seller and Tenants (Word document)
Operating Cost Waiver Form (Word document)
Utility Allowance Instructions (Word document)
2002 Utility Codes (Excel file)
Utilities Map (Word document)
2002 Max Gross Rent Tables (Word document)
Appraisal Guide (Word document)
Accessibility Manual (Word document)
Accessibility Law Chart for Manual (Excel file)
Submittal Instructions (Word document)
Architectural Standards (Word document)
Architectural Standards Waiver (Word document)
Max Cost Waiver (Word document)
Certification Form A Site (Word document)
Certification Form B Site (Word document)
Certification Form C1 Amenities and Family (Word document)
Certification Form C2 Amenities SP Needs (Word document)
Certification Form C3 Amenities Elderly (Word document)
Certification Form C4 Amenities HFOP (Word document)
Certification Form D Energy (Word document)
Certification Form E Design (Word document)
Certification Form F Accessibility (Word document)
Physical Needs Assessment Guide (Word document)
Expected Useful Life Table (Excel file)
Evaluator's Sum. (Immediate Physical Needs) (Word document)
Evaluator's Sum. (Years 1 - 9) (Word document)
Evaluator's Sum. (Years 10-18) (Word document)
Architectural Systems and Conditions Form (Word document)
Mechanical & Electrical (Word document)
Site and Systems Conditions Form (Word document)
Systems & Conditions Form (Word document)
Terms of Reference (Word document)
Accessibility Certification (Word document)
CHDO Consultant Guide (Word document)
Consultant guide Matrix (Excel file)
2003 Compliance Manual (Word document)
Tenant Release Consent (Word document)
Income Certification (Word document)
Employment Verification (Word document)
Doc of Telephone Verification (Word document)
Zero Income Affidavit (Word document)
Unemployed Applicant's Affidavit (Word document)
Sworn Statement of Assets (Word document)
Asset Verification (Word document)
Income Verification Section 8 (Word document)
Next Available Unit - LIHTC (Word document)
Next Available Unit - HOME (Word document)
HOME Annual Owner Certification 4-16-02 (Word document)
HOME Annual Reporting Form 4-16-02 (Word document)
LIHTC Reporting Forms 5-30-02 (Word document)
HOME without LIHTC Semi-Annual Compliance Report (Word document)
Property Management Summary (Excel file)
Environmental Assessment Standards (Word document)
O&M Guide (Word document)
Owners Questionnaire (Word document)
HOME Manual (Word document)
Insurance Guide (Word document)
Insurance Chart (Excel file)
Market Study Guide 3.3 (Word document)
2002 Tax Credit Manual (Word document)
Property Management Guide (Word document)
Property Managment Staffing Form (Word document)
Relocation and Displacement Guide (Word document)