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2009AR-061 Ruthie Manor


Office of Affordable Housing (OAH)

2009AR-061 Ruthie Manor
Knight Trail
Thomaston, Georgia 35950-0158
Upson County




Number of Units:      48

Project Activity:            New Construction

Tenancy:                      Family


Ruthie Manor is a 48-unit Family oriented apartment complex in Thomaston, GA.  The project will consist of 8 1-BR units, 24 2-BR, and 16 3-BR units.  The rent in 14 of the units will be restricted to 50% AMI, 33 units will have rents of 60% AMI, and one unit will be for the on-site manager.  The location is within walking distance of schools.  A daycare facility is also located within walking distance.  Energy efficiency and low maintenance was a priority in the design and construction.  Examples include Energy Star rated appliances and the use of building materials that are maintenance free and/or rated and approved for their efficiency and extended life.  Ruthie Manor is seeking certification from Southface Energy Institute and the Greater Atlanta Homebuilder's Associations' Earthcraft Multifamily certification program.  Approximately forty temporary jobs will be created and one permanent on-site manager's job, as well as ongoing temporary income opportunities for maintenance personnel.