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2009AR-006 Woodlawn Terrace


Office of Affordable Housing (OAH)

2009AR-006 Woodlawn Terrace
North Forrest
Valdosta, Georgia 31631
Lowndes County




Number of Units:       60

Project Activity:            New Construction

Tenancy:                      HFOP


Woodlawn Terrace is a proposed 60-unit HFOP community in Valdosta, GA.  The subject site is located within the city's Urban Redevelopment Plan corridor, and is expected to be a catalyst for new development in the area.  As part of its participation in the Earthcraft Multifamily Certification program, the property will include a number of features designed to maximize energy efficiency, including EnergyStar appliances, energy-efficient light fixtures, and a landscape irrigation system that utilizes groundwater run-off.  The property will feature a mix of thirty 1-bedroom units and twenty-nine 2-bedroom units, along with a number of amenities targeting a senior population.  Construction of Woodlawn Terrace is expected to generate over 75 full-time jobs and over 35 temporary positions over the nine-month construction period.  It is expected that the project will also support 3-4 full-time employees for ongoing operations.


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