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2008AR-064 Prairie Summit



Office of Affordable Housing (OAH)


2008AR-064 Prairie Summit
153 Westbrook Road
Gordon, Georgia 31031
Wilkinson County

Number of Units:       72

Project Activity:            Acquisition / Rehabilitation

Tenancy:                      Family

Prairie Summit Apartments is an existing 72-unit development located in the City of Gordon, Wilkinson County, Georgia consisting of a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, all configured as two story garden style apartments. 

Built in 1980, Prairie Summit currently suffers from physical and functional obsolescence.  All major systems, including electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems and appliances have reached or exceeded the end of their expected useful/functional lives.  The kitchen appliances are worn and need replacement with modern energy efficient units.  Portions of the electrical systems no longer meet current code.  The HVAC is outdated and needs to be replaced and upgraded to be energy efficient.  The building envelopes suffer from deferred maintenance and need to be repaired for energy efficiency and replacement of old T1-11 siding.  The property also needs to be upgraded to bring it into compliance with current accessibility standards.

The rehabilitation of Prairie Summit will address all the immediate needs of the property noted above; all the issues of physical obsolesce will be addressed.  The building exteriors will be completely refurbished, entailing a complete re-roofing of all buildings, replacement of all T1-11 siding with Hardiplank, the addition of decorative gable vents for architectural appeal, new hand rails and repair of all existing stairs.  The interior drywall will be repaired or replaced as needed, all interior doors will be replaced and all exterior doors will be replaced with thermally superior doors; all windows will be replaced with enhanced energy efficient windows and all carpeting and vinyl will be replaced throughout.  The kitchens will be reconfigured to create more open living space and will receive new sinks, cabinets and counter tops.  Each kitchen will receive a new Energy Star appliance package.  New hard-wired smoke detectors with battery-powered backups will be installed and Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems will be installed above range cook tops.  All units will be rewired to comply with code and all HVAC equipment, duct work and grills will be replaced with energy efficient HVAC systems.    The property will have new landscaping installed; parking areas repaired, topped and restriped and all sidewalks repaired and made ADA compliant. After renovation is completed, all structures and systems will be brought up to code and improved to meet current standards of accessibility, marketability and energy efficiency. 

Of the 72-units to be rehabbed, 8-units will be renovated to be fully handicapped accessible. 

In addition to the above, a community center will be added to promote the social well being of the tenants.  The community center will house a fitness center, computer lab, laundry room, library and children’s activity center.

This project is projected to retain approximately 124 construction jobs and 15 non construction jobs.

Renovation work will commence in January 2010.


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