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2008AR-010 Southwood



Office of Affordable Housing (OAH)


Route 1 Box 767 (Calhoun Street)

Shellman, GA 39886-3050

Randolph County


Number of Units:       27   

Project Activity:           Acquisition / Rehabilitation

Tenancy:                     Senior


Southwood Apartments is an elderly housing project consisting of twenty-seven units built in 1992 in Shellman, GA.  The project received a 1991 allocation of tax credits to fund the gap between the USDA RD 515 loan and total development cost.  Southwood Apartments is in a state of decline and in need of a major renovation.  The rehabilitation of this project will bring the property into compliance with current ADA codes and guidelines.  The interiors and exteriors of all units will be completely rehabilitated.  Energy efficiency codes and guidelines will be exceeded. 

There will be many energy enhancements that will be incorporated into the rehabilitation of Hooks Plantation Apartments that will lower the energy bills and provide a higher quality of life for the tenants.  The rehabilitation will provide the tenants currently living in the community with improved living conditions and expanded amenities including a computer lab, an exercise room, community gardens, furnished library, and a covered picnic/barbeque area.  There will be supportive services that will target the elderly tenant base and provide a greater sense of community for the residents.

The improvement of the external appearance of the property will benefit the neighborhood and entire community of Cuthbert.  The construction will provide jobs to residents of the community as well.  It is estimated that fifty-five jobs will be created by the renovation of the propert








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