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2008AR-008 Baptist Tower


Office of Affordable Housing (OAH)


2008AR-008 Baptist Tower
1881 Myrtle Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30311
Fulton County


Number of Buildings:     One, 11 story apartment building

Unit Mix:                             210 1-bedroom & 90 efficiency units

Utilities:                             Owner to pay all utilities.

Number of Units:            300

Project Activity:                 Acquisition / Rehabilitation

Tenancy:                           Senior

The project is located in a developed neighborhood, north of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, College Park, and East Point, and approximately 4.0 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta.  The site has convenient access to major highways, most notably State Route 166 and U.S. Highway 29.  Baptist Towers has excellent access to the area’s shopping, employment, recreational, entertainment, and education opportunities. 


The Baptist Towers site is in close proximity to many amenities and enables residents to easily access groceries, retail stores, pharmacies, medical facilities and banks. White’s Super Saver Foods grocery store is less than 0.4 miles from Baptist Towers.  Several other grocery stores are located within one and a half miles of the site ensuring that residents have choices in food and price selection.   There are several retail stores and pharmacies within a half mile of the site, including Dollar Tree and a CVS Pharmacy.


National Church Residences has selected project and unit amenities in conformance with the 2008 QAP.  Specifically, each unit will have a refrigerator, microwave, stove, in-sink disposal, dishwasher, air-conditioning units and individual unit call systems. In compliance with state and federal accessibility laws, 5% of the units will be accessible to persons with mobility disabilities, and 2% of the units will be equipped for persons with visual or auditory disabilities. All units will be equipped with lever-handle or ADA approved faucets on all sinks and loop handles on all cabinet doors and drawers.  Community amenities include a community room, activity room, air-conditioning in common areas, common laundry facility for the building, and a common storage room.  In addition, the final plans and specifications will be reviewed by a professional accessibility consultant to determine that all federal, state and DCA accessibility guidelines are accurately incorporated into the design. 


In order to address deferred maintenance items and to modernize the property’s amenities and appearance, National Church Residences is developing a renovation plan to invest over $25,000 per unit in hard construction costs. The proposed project will utilize design and site planning to meet the special physical needs of the senior residents.  The scope of work focuses primarily on upgrading the existing conditions of the site and the building to enhance the accessibility and improve the efficiency of the utilities.  On site parking, recreation, outdoor spaces, community spaces and other amenities will be adequately sized with sufficient capacity to support the residents.  This includes renovating common area and residential units within the building and specific areas of the property to meet current accessibility requirements and encourage social interaction.  All community facilities, common areas and 5% of the residential units will be designed to meet accessibility requirements.  In completing the design to accommodate an “aging in place” population, the creation of a social atmosphere that fosters self sufficiency and provides services to support the changing needs of the resident population for years to come is the primary emphasis in the design and site planning. 


The exterior building will be pressure washed, caulked, sealed and re-painted.  Existing horizontal sliding windows in units and commons areas, and existing aluminum storefront window systems and doors at the ground floor will be replaced to meet DCA standards.  The existing chain link fence and barbed wire at Myrtle Drive will be replaced with a wrought iron fence.  The front desk will be replaced with a secure entry gate and control system with card activated entry.  The parking lot will be re-striped to improve the vehicular circulation path and properly allocate and identify six handicapped parking spaces and access aisles with striping and signage.  A community garden per DCA standards will be provided with additional walking paths.  A covered pavilion with barbeque facilities and picnic tables will be added to increase the usability of the outdoor amenities.  All units will be refurnished and new wireless emergency pull cords will be installed in the bedrooms and bathroom in all units.  New smoke detectors will be installed in the living rooms and bedrooms in all units.  All units will receive new cabinets and counter tops in the kitchens and new vanities, water closets and shower fixtures in the bathrooms to meet DCA requirements.  All walls and ceilings will be repainted and all carpet and flooring will be replaced.  New lever hardware at all common area doors will be installed.  The community kitchen stove, dishwasher and refrigerator will be replaced.  Also, new ADA compliant fixtures, countertops, and grab bars at common area rest rooms will be installed. 


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