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2007AR-052 Collegetown II



Office of Affordable Housing (OAH)


2007AR-052 Collegetown
990 Westview Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30314
Fulton County


This page is under construction.  Project pictures are forthcoming.

Number of Units:       177

Project Activity:             New Construction

Tenancy:                       Family


Ashley CollegeTown II will be the fifth (5th) phase of the CollegeTown at West End (CollegeTown) Master Planned revitalization of the Atlanta Housing Authorities Joel C. Harris Homes community (Harris Homes).  Ashley CollegeTown II will be the new construction of a 177-unit multi-family residential community. Ashley CollegeTown II is located immediately adjacent to the Atlanta University Center, Downtown Atlanta in Fulton County, Georgia.   Ashley CollegeTown II will be a mixed-income community comprised of 60% workforce housing and 40% market rate housing.

Ashley CollegeTown II will be surrounded by approximately $20 million of new infrastructure and public improvements, which includes new public streets, removal of existing streets, new sidewalks, storm drainage, sanitary sewer and water lines, lighting, public green space and walkways.  At the center of the CollegeTown Community is the newly renovated Dean Rusk Park; its water feature serves as a major amenity to the newly revitalized community. 

The project design of Ashley CollegeTown II incorporates both Energy Star and EarthCraft Multifamily certification standards.  EarthCraft Multifamily is a green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthier, more comfortable homes by Southface Energy Institute based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Innovations include: 


  • Photovoltaic solar energy used in certain common space areas
  • Environmentally responsive activities that include the use of formaldehyde-free materials in the insulation and countertop materials
  • Carpet with 50% recycled content
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Low-flow toilets and water fixtures
  • Improved erosion control
  • Well water irrigation and xeriscaping

EarthCraft Multifamily Certified projects are more energy efficient and less costly to occupy, have less communication of air between units, less communication of sound between units, and better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with managed fresh-air intakes, all of which benefit the residents. These projects also have a smaller environmental footprint both during construction and operation/occupancy.


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