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2007AR-0461 Seven Courts

Office of Affordable Housing (OAH)

2007AR-0461 Seven Courts
2800 Martin Luther King Jr Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30311
Fulton County




Number of Units:      171

Project Activity:            Substantial Rehabilitation

Tenancy:                      Family


Seven Courts Apartments, located in the southwest corridor of Atlanta, Georgia borders the historic communities of Adamsville, West End and Collier Heights.  The property offers low-income housing in an area that has worked over the last twenty years to stabilize and revitalize its economic and demographic components.  Before the transition of the Atlanta Housing Authority to privatize public housing, Seven Courts struggled to operate as a conventional site with rents that were inconsistent with the economic status of the community and demographic area.  The surrounding workforce was very strained and non-existent, as the area consisted of small businesses that were struggling to stay alive in a market that offered little to no economic growth. As private transportation is not an affordable option for many, the impact of the MARTA rail station was also a milestone for that community, as it provides a life line to the rest of the city for many that live in the area.

Seven Courts, in conjunction with Atlanta Housing Authority, established a program for single parent families that have experienced homelessness or are at risk of being homeless.  The families receive vital services under the supportive housing program, which include resources for financial assistance, referrals for substance abuse counseling, transportation, educational opportunities, parenting, financial planning, health maintenance referrals and other essential needs.  The program currently serves about 20% of the total units in the community with project based rental assistance, but offers the supportive services to every resident in need.

The property has been targeted to be a model for what “community” embodies.  For the first time in ten years, there is a fully operational pool that our kids and parents are thoroughly enjoying, and this alone has caused a lot of our families to interact and take ownership of the community - a step in the right direction. With the opportunity that has been given, Seven Courts will create a home for some and a sense of pride for others.  



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