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Below are links to all the forms and documents that will be used in the processing on the TBRA rental assistance. The Forms and Document Library will be a helpful resource when trying to locate the proper form, document, or information about the various components of the TBRA program.

TBRA Policies & Procedures and Tenant Selection Plan and Outreach Strategy

HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program Policies & Procedures and Tenant Selection Plan and Outreach Strategy

TBRA Forms


TBRA Application with Attachments A, B,C, and D (use this document for submitting your initial application)

Tenant Service Plan Attachment A

Disability Verification Attachment B

HIPAA Authorization Attachment C

Verification of Status on Wait List for Section 8 Attachment D

Items Needed to Complete TBRA Application Process

Annual Re-Certification Documents

TBRA Re-Certification Application (use this document at your annual re-certification)

Tenant Briefing Packet

Are You a Victim of Housing Discrimination?

Declaration of Citizenship: HUD Section 214

Finding a Place to Live

Georgia Housing Search flyer (English)

Georgia Housing Search flyer (Spanish)

Household Obligations

Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP)

How to Become A Good Renter

Important Information About Your HOME TBRA

Information for Rental Property Owners

Lead-Based Paint Information and Disclosure

Lease Addendum

Live In Aide Requirements

Tenant/Landlord Unit Inspection Checklist

Tenant Notice of Lease Cancellation

Request for Utility Deposit

Request for Security Deposit

Responding to an EIBL Child Flowchart

Status of Section 8 Wait List

Self Sufficiency Commitment

TBRA Coupon

Utility Payment Authorization

Landlord Information and Processing Documents

Direct Deposit Wiring Instructions

Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead Based Hazards

Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP)

HQS General Property Inspection Standards

HQS Inspection Booklet

Information for Rental Property Owners

Landlord, Agent or Management Company Contact Information

Lease Addendum

Lease Review Form (Prohibited Lease Terms)

Lease (Sample)

Rent Reasonableness Survey and Certification

TBRA Coupon

Tenant/Landlord Unit Inspection Unit Data Sheet (Move-In Move-Out)

Ownership Verification

W-9 Taxpayer Identification

Verification Forms

Asset Verification

Banking Verification

Child Care Expenses

Child Support Income

Declaration of Citizenship (HUD 214)


Guardianship and Payee

Informal Support

Job Training and Public Assistance

Medical & Dental Guidelines

Medical Expenses

MFP Verification and Referral



Social Security

Student Status


Zero Income

Resources and Links

Lead Paint Information and Documents

Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead Based Hazards

Lead-Based Paint Requirements for TBRA Program

Lead Paint Child Under 6

Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home

Responding to an EIBL Child Flowchart

Other Resources

Georgia Money Follows the Person (general information about MFP with useful links)

HOME Regulations 24 CFR Part 92

HUDís Title VIII Fair Housing Complaint Process

Eligible Medical or Dental Expenses

TBRA Rental Calculation Guidelines

Income and Rent Calculation Worksheet

Technical Guide for Determining Income and Allowances for the HOME Program

TBRA Payment Standard 2013

Utility Allowance Charts 2013

TBRA Income Guidelines 2013