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Portability Information

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Portability refers to the ability to relocate and select housing any where in the United States with continued rental assistance. The following information highlights Frequently Asked Questions about our ‘Port-In’ procedures. This information should be used by voucher holders when transferring into our program from another housing authority.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) administers the HCV Program within 149 of the state’s 159 counties. The 10 counties which DCA does not administer are: Bibb, Chatham, Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb (Decatur), Fulton (Atlanta), Glynn, Muscogee, Richmond and Sumter. These counties are served by their own respective housing authorities. If you wish to move to any of these counties, please contact the Housing Authority administering the Housing Choice Voucher for that county, concerning your portability (see Contact List).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.   Who do I contact in order to request portability to your jurisdiction?

You must first contact your present housing advisor or administrator located at your initial housing authority (HA). Once this occurs, be sure to follow-up with the initial HA to see that your records are properly transferred to the receiving HA.

2.   Who does my initial Housing Authority send the paper work to?

Please have your information forwarded to:

Mail:  Georgia Department of Community Affairs
          ATTN: Port In Department
          1854 Shackleford Court

          Suite 400
          Norcorss, Georgia 30093

Fax:  (770) 806-5066

Email:  DCA.PortIn@dca.ga.gov

3.   How long is the port-in process?

This depends on several factors. Generally, anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Factors include: 1) which county is involved, and 2) how completed is the required information that is being transferred.

4.   Are we accepting or absorbing voucher holders from other areas?

The DCA HCV Program will accept Port-Ins. However, when this occurs, the original HA will be billed. WE ARE NOT ABSORBING.

5.   What required information will be needed in order to transfer or port?

Required information will include:

  • Current voucher
  • 52665 Form
  • 50058 Form
  • Birth certificate(s)
  • Income verification
  • Other tangible documents to support tenant status

Please note that Contact Information should be present and up-to-date in order that the port family can be contacted as deemed necessary.

6.   What can I do to speed-up the port process?

Contact your initial HA 3 to 4 business days after your file information has been forwarded to DCA to confirm that this information has been successfully forwarded.

7.   Is there a fee involved in the porting process?


8.  If I need an extension of time, who do I contact?

Contact your initial HA for this request. For example: Before your voucher expires, you must contact your initial HA for approval and to request any extension of time.

9.  If I experience a setback during the process of relocating, who do I contact?

You must contact your initial HA to inform them of the setback and seek their advice for proper action.

10.  If I am undecided about where to relocate in Georgia, what should I do?

You must first decide on your (Georgia) county of choice and make sure it is one which is served by our agency.

11.  How long is allowable to seek and find safe, decent and affordable housing?  

You must refer to your initial HA for this information.

12.  Is there any priority given to special populations when porting? Generally no priority is given including to the elderly or the disabled.

13.  Does DCA offer the homeownership program for HCV participants porting into your area? 

No. Currently we only offer homeownership to those tenants that are administered by DCA.

14.  Are there ways to identify available HCV properties? 

Yes. If you have internet access, please go to www.GeorgiaHousingSearch.org and follow prompts leading you to ‘Rental Assistance’ or your desired information. The site provides up-to-date information on our HCV and affordable housing units across the state. To further attract voucher holders or interested renters, a landlord might wish to advertise available property in the local or regional newspapers, flyers, bulletin boards, etc. So check these local resources as well.

15.  Do I qualify for the same number of bedrooms that I have at my initial Housing Authority?

Each Housing Authority has different methods of calculating subsidy standards (the number of bedrooms you qualify for). Because of this, DCA may issue you a voucher that may be smaller or larger than what you currently have. This will be determined at your briefing.

16.  How much will my voucher be worth?     

This will be determined at your initial briefing with us. Please note that Payment Standards are different across the United States. Where you are currently the Payment Standards might be higher or lower then DCA’s Payment Standard.