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Federal and State Housing Tax Credit Programs

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Program Description

The Housing Tax Credit Program allocates federal and state tax credits to owners of qualified rental properties who reserve all or a portion of their units for occupancy for low income tenants.

DCA's process for allocating funds through the OAH is outlined in Georgia's Qualified Allocation Plan. This document describes (1) the federal and state resources available for financing rental housing through the plan, (2) the legislative requirements for distributing these resources, (3) the State's preference for the location and type of such housing, (4) the process used for evaluating applications and awarding these resources, and (5) program compliance requirements and procedures.

DCA offers a streamlined, single application to access funds available through the HOME Rental Housing Loan and Housing Tax Credit programs. The competitive application process for these funds occurs in the spring of each year. DCA offers only one annual application cycle for these funds.


Application Submission Information (includes QAPs, Manuals, etc.)

Lists of Applications and Selected Projects
DCA Utility Allowances and Program Maximum Rents
Multifamily Rental Property List (www.GeorgiaHousingSearch.org)

Electronic Forms for the LIHTC 10% Test
Memo & Instructions (pdf) - 1/5/17
Template "Independent Auditor's Report" (doc) - 9/24/13
LIHTC Certification of 10% Test (xls) - 1/5/17

Electronic Forms for the LIHTC Final Allocation

LIHTC Data Form (xlsx) - 1/8/14
OHF Final Allocation Application (xlsx) - 8/18/17
Model Final Cost Certification Letter (doc)

AFHMP Owners Checklist (pdf) - 6/20/17

Final Allocation Submission Folders - 8/18/17

Electronic Forms for Year 15 Qualified Contracts
15 Yr Contract Calculation Form and Schedules

Electronic Submission Instructions (pdf) - 1/27/17

Qualified Contract Overview (pdf) - 1/27/17

Preliminary QC Application Checklist (pdf) - 1/27/17

Request for QC Checklist  (pdf) - 1/27/17
15 Yr Sample Letter for Request

List of Current Qualified Contracts (pdf) - revised 11/30/2017


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