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Program Description

This page has been developed for organizations that are interested in applying for NEW or RENEWAL Continuum of Care grants through the Georgia Balance of State Continuum of Care. DCA / GHFA S+C Sponsors seeking RENEWAL funds will be contacted as needed, by DCA staff.  For more information contact Libby Tyre by Email or by phone at (404) 982-3577.

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2017 Balance of State Continuum of Care (BoS CoC) Application Documents

September 26, 2017 – The application process for the 2017 Georgia Balance of State CoC is now closed.  Key documents are linked below.  All prospective 2018 Applicants, new and renewal, may review full details of the 2017 application requirements below in preparation for next year.

BoS CoC Policy

BoS CoC Webinars

Proposal Outline, Application Documents and Supplements

Project Scoring Criteria / Forms

Assessment, Placement and Services Committee

Homeless Management and Information Systems (HMIS) Committee

Standards, Rating and Project Selection Committee

Balance of State CoC Environmental Review Requirements

In accordance with 24 CFR Part 58, all HUD-funded, federally-assisted projects, as well as all State of Georgia ESG assisted projects, are subject to the requirements for environmental review and documentation. Organizations receiving such funds (CoC, ESG, and HOPWA) may not commit or expend these funds until an environmental review that meets the standards outlined in 24 CFR Part 58 has been approved by the certifying officer at DCA. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the termination of any and all contracts and may require repayment of related expended funds.

This information must be submitted to DCA for approval as detailed in the Environmental Review Procedure below for all Balance of State CoC projects (please see all attachments for full information):

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Contact Information

Shelter Plus Care Renewals -

  • Libby Tyre by Email or phone (404) 982-3577

New Projects or Other Renewals -

  • Tina Moore by Email or phone (404) 327-6870, or
  • Keya Hillman by Email or phone (404) 679-0651

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