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Job Tax Credits in an Opportunity Zone Presentation

Program Description

Local governments which undertake redevelopment and revitalization efforts in certain older commercial and industrial areas can now qualify those areas for the State’s maximum job tax credit of $3,500 per job.  The incentive, which is available for new or existing businesses that create two or more jobs, is a Job Tax Credit which can be taken against the business’s Georgia income tax liability and payroll withholding tax. The credit is available for areas designated by DCA as an “Opportunity Zone”.  DCA will consider designations for areas that are within or adjacent to a census block group with 15% or greater poverty where an enterprise zone or urban redevelopment plan exists.

Opportunity Zone Tax Credit Incentives:

  • the maximum Job Tax Credit allowed under law - $3,500 per job created
  • the lowest job creation threshold of any job tax credit program - 2 jobs
  • use of Job Tax Credits against 100 percent of Georgia income tax liability and withholding tax
  • provides for businesses of any nature to qualify, not just a defined "business enterprise"

Local Government Designations

For a local government interested in an Opportunity Zone designation, please click here to access information to assist in considering and applying for a designation.

Business Information

For businesses interested in the Opportunity Zone Job Tax Credit benefit, please click here to access information to assist in locating designated Opportunity Zones, local contacts for assistance, and information for businesses to take advantage of the Job Tax Credit in an Opportunity Zone.

Finding Opportunity Zone designations, local contacts, and maps, with location and address lookup

If you have an address and are interested in finding out if it is located within a designated Opportunity Zone, please click here and enter your address in box on the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

For detail on designated Opportunity Zones and maps,click here.

For information on previous regulations and designations, go to the Opportunity Zone Archive

Contact Information

Local Communities: to learn more about applying for an Opportunity Zone designation, contact Cherie Bennett at (404) 831-2058, or contact the Economic Development Field Representative in your area for community assistance.

Businesses: to learn more about the Tax Credits available to businesses locating or expanding within a designated Opportunity Zone, contact Tricia DePadro at (404) 679-1585.

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