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DRI #2449
Initial DRI Information
This form is to be completed by the city or county government to provide basic project information that will allow the RDC to determine if the project appears to meet or exceed applicable DRI thresholds. Refer to both the Rules for the DRI Process and the DRI Tiers and Thresholds for more information.

Local Government Information

Submitting Local Government: Coweta
Individual completing form: Sandra R. Parker
Telephone: 770-254-2635
E-mail:  sparker@coweta.ga.us

*Note: The local government representative completing this form is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained herein. If a project is to be located in more than one jurisdiction and, in total, the project meets or exceeds a DRI threshold, the local government in which the largest portion of the project is to be located is responsible for initiating the DRI review process.

Proposed Project Information

Name of Proposed Project: Bridgeport Industrial
Location (Street Address, GPS Coordinates, or Legal Land Lot Description): US Highway 27/29, Land Lots 103, 104, 120-123, 134-137, and 153, 2nd Land District, Coweta County, G
Brief Description of Project:
1,063.9 acres will be developed for heavy industrial and light industrial uses including manufacturing (7,050,000 sft), research & design (294,000 sft.), training (120,000 sft.), warehousing (736,000 sft.), and corporate office space (100,000 sft.).

Development Type:

 If other development type, describe:

Project Size (# of units, floor area, etc.): Total floor area estimated at 232 acres.
Developer: P&L Bridgport I, L.P. and P&L Bridgport II, L.P.
Mailing Address: 3225 Cumberland Boulevard, Suite 400
Address 2:
  City:Atlanta  State: GA  Zip:30339
Telephone: 770-980-0808
Email: tbarranco@popeandland.com
Is property owner different from developer/applicant?
If yes, property owner:
Is the proposed project entirely located within your local government’s jurisdiction?  
If no, in what additional jurisdictions is the project located?
Is the current proposal a continuation or expansion of a previous DRI?  
If yes, provide the following information:
Project Name:
Project ID:
The initial action being requested of the local government for this project:

Is this project a phase or part of a larger overall project?  
If yes, what percent of the overall project does this project/phase represent?
Estimated Project Completion Dates: This project/phase: only one phase
Overall project: 2018

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