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The annual Government Management Indicators survey (GOMI) collects data on local government operations, including financial management practices, service delivery arrangements, public facilities provided, and planning efforts. The GOMI survey provides the most current information available regarding local government operations in Georgia. It is used by state and local policy makers, researchers, local government administrators, and others for specific information regarding one or more governments, and for both comparative and trend analyses.

To view or print a pdf copy of the Survey click here: Copy of Survey

To assist users of this GOMI survey information, DCA publishes annual County and Municipal Information Catalogs. These on-line publications are compiled into nine categories: Management Functions, Services Provided, Public Facilities, Planning/Zoning/Development Procedures, Financial Management Practices, Economic Development Activities, Public Safety, Form of Government, and E-Government. There are separate publications for city and county governments. Please note that consolidated governments are included in the county information catalog.

2017 County Information Catalog (PDF)

2017 Municipal Information Catalog (PDF)

2016 County Information Catalog (PDF)

2016 Municipal Information Catalog (PDF)

2015 County Information Catalog (PDF)

2015 Municipal Information Catalog (PDF)

2014 County Information Catalog (PDF)

2014 Municipal Information Catalog (PDF)

2013 County Information Catalog (PDF)

2013 Municipal Information Catalog (PDF)

For a copy of County or City Catalogs prior to 2012, see Contact below.

Warning: Both publications are large documents. If printing specific portions of this document, please note that user will have to specify those print pages using the Adobe Acrobat tool bar. Do NOT use the web browser print facility, which will automatically print the entire document.

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For more information on the GOMI survey, please contact the Office of Research.

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