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Debt Issuance ------ House Bill 1012 Compliant

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Program Description

State law (O.C.G.A. 36-82-10) requires municipalities, counties, and local government authorities, boards, or commissions that are empowered to enter into debt to report individual debt issuances exceeding $1 million to the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Debt Issuance Reports should be submitted to DCA within 60 days from the date of issue.

For the purpose of this requirement debt is defined as general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, or any other bonds, notes, certificates of participation, or other such obligations. Please note that this reporting requirement applies to all such debt issuances, including those that will be retired in less than one year.

Debt Issuance Reports should be completed using the Microsoft Excel reporting form provided below and emailed to the address indicated near the top of the reporting form. After verification procedures and a desk review have been completed a signed letter from DCA's Office of Research will be sent by return email to confirm DCA's receipt of the report.

Downloads & Related Links

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Contact Information

Contact the Office of Research.

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