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Planning Press Kit

When it comes to the planning process, information is critical.  Knowledge of the planning process is power that results in the quality growth of our communities.  And, what better way to educate and empower citizenry in the future development of their community than by utilizing the “Planning Press Kit”.

Involving local media in the planning process can be an intimidating  task for many local governments.  The Planning Press Kit is designed to help local governments (no matter how big or small) efficiently and expediently market the planning process and includes press releases on the critical elements of the process.

For more information about enlisting the local media in the planning process, please see: Techniques for Enlisting Local Media (PDF)


Planning Press Releases

We recommend that local officials use the media as an instrument to keep citizens involved in the planning process. Below are three articles officials can use to publicize the three most important phases of their communities’ planning programs. Each article includes sample quotations local plan preparers or other local officials may use or modify as they wish.

Launching the Local Planning Process

This article should be used during the earliest stage of development of a new or updated comprehensive plan. It should announce the planning endeavor, outline the process to be followed, and encourage interested citizens to plan to get involved

Opportunity to Participate in the Planning Process

This article should announce the opportunity for public involvement, explain why involvement is important, and give specific information about how interested citizens can get involved.


Our Plan is Near Completion

This article should announce the impending adoption of the comprehensive plan, highlight important features, and invite the public to inspect the final product.


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For more information about Planning and Quality Growth, please contact the Office of Planning and Environmental Management at 404-679-5279.

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