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Program Description

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) surveys local governments on various topics and produces publications from the survey data for use by the federal government, state policy makers, city and county associations, universities, and, most importantly, local governments themselves. DCA designs and disseminates these surveys, and produces publications based on survey results that are available on the DCA website.

Downloads & Related Links

Use the Noncompliant (Overdue) link below TO CHECK YOUR GOVERNMENT'S REPORTING STATUS for Government Management Indicators, Report of Authority Finances, Hotel-Motel Tax Report, Authority Registrations and the Report of Local Government FinancesLook for your government's name in each column.



Click on these links to go to the specific information page about these surveys or reports:

Government Management Indicators (GOMI)
Hotel/Motel Tax

Report of Local Government Finances (RLGF)

Wage and Salary


2018 Schedule of Reports and Surveys Due (PDF)
All Survey Forms


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