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Program Description

In partnership with the Georgia Planning Association, the Office of Planning and Environmental Management provides a series of classes called the Community Planning Institute to Georgia’s planning commissioners, elected officials and staff. The Institute provides information about local planning for land use, growth and development, and water resources management.

The next Community Planning Institute will be held in February 2015 at Richmond Hill.


CPI Presentations from October 2014 class:


The Community Planning Institute consists of three classes:

  • Preparing and Implementing your Comprehensive Plan is a 2-day class that covers the local planning process.
    • Day one provides an overview of the importance of planning for the future and sets the stage with a presentation on Georgia’s 2013 local planning requirements.  This is followed by discussion of tools for plan implementation such as traditional zoning and more non-traditional form-based codes. The afternoon session includes the legal considerations of zoning as an effective plan implementation tool and ends with an interactive activity on good plan use and implementation.
    • Day two starts with examples of best practices in plan implementation, followed by a session on why we plan and who should be involved locally in the process.  Most of the afternoon is devoted to a discussion on the importance of engaging the public in the planning process and best practices for doing that.   The day ends with an example of a community successfully using its plan to address its day-to-day operations as well as its future. 
  • Managing your water resources is an overview of Georgia’s water resources and what local governments can do to wisely use and protect these resources. The day starts with a brief history of water planning in Georgia, followed by an overview of state and regional water issues. After lunch, the session includes best practices for stormwater management. The day ends with an overview of better wastewater management practices, and a hands-on activity to put the day’s lessons into useful perspective.
  • Principles for Integrating Planning for Hazard Mitigation and Land Use provides an overview of the importance of planning to enable quicker recovery from future natural disaster events. This session includes best practices for hazard mitigation in the context of land use planning (including GIS mapping.), and discussion of proposed model zoning code sections and how to apply them. It explains the benefits of proactive land use planning by local governments to both enable better recovery efforts and diminish the negative impacts of such a hazard event on your community.



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