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One of the vital roles of local government is planning and the preparation of plans. Planning is the term used here to describe how a community shapes and guides growth and development. (Some refer to this as "urban planning," "city planning," or "land use planning.") The results of planning are contained in documents known as comprehensive plans, which are used by local governments to guide quality growth, devise effective strategies, and make implementation decisions. A comprehensive plan is the result of a community-based planning process that draws on the general public, stakeholders and experts. Wise planning ensures that future development will take place in a manner compatible with the best interests of the community.

Local governments in Georgia are required to submit comprehensive plans to DCA every ten years. A county and its cities are encouraged to create a joint plan, but may choose to do their own separate plans. All comprehensive plans must be done in accordance with the Local Planning Requirements (PDF) . Comprehensive plans that have met these requirements, and have been approved by DCA and adopted by the local government, are known as Current Comprehensive Plans.

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