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Planning and Quality Growth

Local Programs

The Planning and Quality Growth team want you to “Reach for Better Communities”.  Our Local Programs are in place to help you with Comprehensive Planning, and Managing Growth.  We also provide Technical Guidance and Training to help you improve the quality of life and living in your community.

Regional Programs

Planning is not just about your community or my community.  Planning is about all communities working together to better the State of Georgia in the spirit of Regional Cooperation. Take at look at Regionally Important Resources, Developments of Regional Impact, Service Delivery Strategies, Regional Development Center requirements, and Mediation

Statutory Requirements and Rules

To successfully “Reach for Better Communities” you must know the Georgia law that governs us all.  Planning and Quality Growth provides you with Statutes and Rules to help you “plan” in a legal and ethical manner.

About PQG

Planning and Quality Growth staff are committed to building better communities.   From providing planning commissioner training to cultivating the implementation of DCA’s Quality Community Objectives, to helping small towns utilize alternatives to conventional zoning – staff offers a variety of assistance for developing and implementing local comprehensive plans and carrying out quality growth initiatives.

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