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Neighborhood Stabilization Program 1

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Program Description

The Georgia Neighborhood Stabilization Program 1 (Title III of HR3221)

The CDBG Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP 1), which is Title III of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, H.R. 3221, is a program designed to assist local governments to purchase abandoned and foreclosed properties.

Please note that as HUD issues guidelines for the development of Georgia's Method of Distribution for these funds, we will forward news, information and status updates to Georgia's local governments.

View information about Georgia’s NSP 3 program here

DCA Awards $54.4 Million to 23 Neighborhood Stabilization Program Projects Statewide

NSP 1 Awards Announcement

NSP 1 Recipients Workshop (includes presentations and downloads of the CD)

NSP Action Plan Substantial Amendment - revised 2/2/2009

Georgia NSP 1 Action Plan Substantial Amendment

This amendment involves several changes to the Flexible Pool. Comments on the changes will be accepted through February 18, 2009. Comments may be made in writing to: NSP Comments, Brian Williamson, Assistant Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, 60 Executive Park South Atlanta, GA 30329 or by email.

Priority Areas for State NSP 1 Direct Allocation Assistance


NSP Funds - Flexible Pool

NSP 1 Flexible Pool


NSP 1 Program Resources

NSP 1 Grantee Contacts

NSP 1 Archives

DCA Quarterly Performance Reports to HUD

QPR 1, Mar - Jun 2009

QPR 2, Jul - Sep 2009

QPR 3, Oct - Dec 2009

QPR 4, Jan - Mar 2010

QPR 5, Apr - Jun 2010

QPR 6, Jul - Sep 2010

QPR 7, Oct - Dec 2010

QPR 8, Jan - Mar 2011

QPR 9, Apr - Jun 2011

QPR 10, Jul - Sep 2011

QPR 11, Oct - Dec 2011

QPR 12, Jan - Mar 2012

QPR 13, Apr - Jun 2012

QPR 14, Jul - Sep 2012

QPR 15, Oct - Dec 2012

QPR 16, Jan - Mar 2013

QPR 17, Apr - Jun 2013

QPR 18, Jul - Sep 2013

QPR 19, Oct - Dec 2013
QPR 20, Jan - Mar 2014
QPR 21, Apr - Jun 2014

NSP Income Limits

2014 Income Limits (MS Excel)

2013 Income Limits (MS Excel)

2012 Income Limits (MS Excel)

2011 NSP Income Limits (MS Excel)

2010 Income Limits (MS Excel)

2009 NSP Income Limits (MS Excel)

Downloads, Forms, & Related Links

The NSP1 Recipients’ Manual has been revised and is linked below. Highlights of the revisions include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

    • Regulatory changes published in the NSP1 Federal Register Bridge Notice on June 19, 2009
    • Notice of Changes in Definitions and Modification to NSP published in the Federal Register on April 9, 2010
    • Modification/clarification of NSP 1 requirements included in the NSP 3 HUD Notice dated October 19, 2010
    • Program Income requirements and clarifications

Please review the revised manual and contact DCA with any questions.

NSP 1 Recipients' Manual Revised (PDF)

Median Home Values (MS Excel)

Sub-Recipient's Affidavit and Certification (MS Word version)

Sub-Recipient's Affidavit and Certification (PDF version)

NSP 1 Applications Received by DCA (PDF)

HUD's CDBG Neighborhood Stabilization Program Information

NSP 1 Regulations (PDF)

NSP 1 Income Guidelines and Data

Manuals and Forms

Considerations for Local Governments Proposing Property Acquisition under the Georgia NSP 1 (PDF)




NSP 1 Presentation at 2009 CDBG/CHIP Applicants' Workshop (PowerPoint)

Georgia NSP 1 Action Plan Substantial Amendment (archived 12/1/2008) (PDF)

Georgia NSP 1 Action Plan Substantial Amendment, revision 1 (archived 12/15/2008) (PDF)


Notifications, blast emails, and mailouts:

Contact Information

Email: Comments on the NSP 1 Program

Email: Questions about NSP 1

Please contact Angela Gregory at (404) 679-4847 for information on the NSP downpayment assistance program available through DCA.


Please feel free to contact Brian Williamson at (404) 679-1587 for more on the general policies for NSP 1.

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