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Welcome to Georgia Community Indicators

This interactive on-line resource provides information to users about their communities. Data from more than 450 Georgia communities is available in Community Indicators. The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has developed Community Indicators to assist users with understanding and assessing the quality of life in the State's communities. What makes Community Indicators unique is that it allows the user to obtain and compare information about local communities in Georgia from their own computer. Please browse the site to learn more about Community Indicators and access the User Guide on how to use the website.

To get the most recent report profile of your community:

Select a County:

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Get detailed historical report profiles by selecting one of the three profile selections. All profile options permit comparisons over time, among communities, or within conditions:

Individual Community Profiles
Select a community and a report year.

Multiple Profiles
Choose a reporting year, condition, and the communities you wish to inquire about. Communities can be grouped by population ranges and the state service delivery regions.

Individual Profiles Multiple Years
Allows for comparisons of trends over time for one selected community.