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Community Indicators: Publications

Other Local Government Publications and Reports

These are reports and publications that may provide further explanation on the data presented in Community Indicators.

County Snapshots
Thumbnail sketches of Georgia's 159 counties and overall state profile.

Directory of Registered Local Government Authority
DCA provides an annual on-line directory of registered local government authorities

Fiscal Capacity and Fiscal Effort Indices description
Summarized description of the indices.

Fiscal Planning Guide
This data collected from local governments in Georgia through the Report of Local Government Finances. The Guide is a practical tool for local government officials in understanding the complexities of local finances in Georgia. Officials can use the Guide to examine the finances of their government in comparison with the finances of governments of comparable population size. The comparisons will provide officials with insights into how their governments are functioning in contrast with other local governments.

Government Management Indicators Information Catalog
The annual Government Management Indicators survey (GOMI) collects data on local government operations, including financial management practices, service delivery. There are separate publications for city and county governments.

Law Enforcement Expenditures
For a Comparison of Law Enforcement Expenditures for Counties and Municipalities with Populations of 15% +/- of a particular County or Municipality.