Groundbreaking ceremonies held today in Valdosta mark a fresh start for people with alcohol and drug addiction problems and their families. With over $4 million in financing through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), and support service funding from the Department of Human Resources, Better Neighborhood Housing and Volunteers of America Southeast, are building the Pines Family Campus, a development that will provide 28-units of affordable rental housing and an array of support services to families suffering from the effects of substance abuse. “The Pines will provide an important second chance for people battling addiction and their families,” said DCA Commissioner Mike Beatty. “DCA’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program was designed to respond to the most serious housing problems faced by families in Georgia ¯ problems complicated by addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. With our partners at the Department of Human Resources, and local housing providers like Better Neighborhood Housing in Valdosta, we can help families get back on their feet and move into a brighter future.” Projected to open in the spring of 2006, the Pines will provide affordable two- and three-bedroom apartments for the families that are receiving support services. The Pines’ services will include an individualized treatment plan for the family member with additive disease and will emphasize personal responsibility as a key to recovery. Job counseling, job skill development, and education will also be important to the program. Family members will have the opportunity to participate in counseling. On-site day care and after-school programs, as well as individual counseling, will help children overcome the effects of their parent’s addiction. The goal is to enable the family to establish a new residence and independence after about two years of intensive treatment. For more information about DCA’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program and the Pines Family Campus, contact Doug Scott at 404-327-6881 or by email at