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  • Jenkins County collected $3.9 million in total revenues in 2000. In 2004, the county reported no revenues. The statewide revenue per capita for this same year was $736.
  • In 2000 Jenkins County reported own source revenues of $3.6 million. In 2004 the county reported no own source revenues. Own source revenues include revenues from property taxes, sales taxes, and excise and special use taxes. Per capita own source revenues amounted to $0 in 2004. This compares to a statewide per capita amount of $631.
  • The county collected an average of $208 per capita in property taxes during the past five years. This amount was less than the average of $249 per capita collected by counties with similarly-sized populations. For the same period, the average per capita amount of county property tax collected in Georgia was $288. On average, property taxes accounted for 46.0% of the county's own source revenue during the period of 2000 to 2004.
  • General operating expenditures for Jenkins County in 2000 equaled $3.4 million, or $398 per capita. The county reported no general operating expenditures in 2004. General operating expenditures per capita for counties with similarly-sized populations was $485 in 2004. The statewide average was $626 per capita during the same period.
  • Historically, the top three expenditure categories for counties are public safety, administration, and health and human services. In 2004, Jenkins County provided no expenditure data for comparison purposes.
  • From 2000 to 2004, Jenkins County had an average of $40,000 in long-term debt outstanding, resulting in an average per capita debt of $6. This amount was less than the $134 per capita average of counties with similarly-sized populations.

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