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  • Burke County collected $14.6 million in total revenues in 2000. In 2004, the county received $24.7 million, an increase of 69.2%. Total revenue in 2004 equaled $1,066 per capita. The statewide revenue per capita for this same year was $736.
  • From 2000 to 2004, own source revenues for Burke County rose from $13.7 million to $22.0 million, an increase of 60.6%. Own source revenues include revenues from property taxes, sales taxes, and excise and special use taxes. Per capita own source revenues amounted to $949 in 2004. This compares to a statewide per capita amount of $631.
  • The county collected an average of $455 per capita in property taxes during the past five years. This amount was greater than the average of $240 per capita collected by counties with similarly-sized populations. For the same period, the average per capita amount of county property tax collected in Georgia was $288. On average, property taxes accounted for 63.0% of the county's own source revenue during the period of 2000 to 2004.
  • General operating expenditures for Burke County in 2000 equaled $17.2 million, or $773 per capita. By 2004, general operating expenditures increased by 12.0% to $19.2 million, or $865 per capita. General operating expenditures per capita for counties with similarly-sized populations was $533 in 2004. The statewide average was $626 per capita during the same period.
  • Historically, the top three expenditure categories for counties are public safety, administration, and health and human services. In 2004, Burke County spent $8.5 million or 38.5% of total county spending on public safety which includes law enforcement, fire services and jails. Expenditures for administration totaled $1.9 million, amounting to 8.4% of total expenditures. The county expended $1.0 million or 4.7% of total expenditures on health and human services.
  • From 2000 to 2004, Burke County had an average of $3.3 million in long-term debt outstanding, resulting in an average per capita debt of $144. This amount was less than the $193 per capita average of counties with similarly-sized populations.

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