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Community Profile

County Formed February 5, 1777
County Seat Waynesboro
Incorporated Cities Girard, Keysville, Midville, Sardis, Vidette and Waynesboro
Total Area 835.66413 square miles


From its county population in 2000 of 22298 to its current population estimate of 22709, the county has experienced a growth change of 411.

Burke County is one of Georgia's eight original counties. When the colony was established in 1732, the area now known as Burke County was called the Halifax District. n 1758 Georgia was divided into parishes, and the Halifax District became the parish of St. George.

In 1777 St. George Parish became one of Georgia's first counties, named for political philosopher and member of British Parliament Edmund Burke, who advocated appeasement of American colonial grievances.

Many residents of Burke County remained loyal to the king, and ensuing conflicts during the Revolutionary War (1775-83) led to major property damage

Points of Interest

Bark Camp Church was organized in 1788 as part of Bark Camp, which was established before the Revolution as a settlement camp for new migrants to the area.

Augusta Technical College operates a satellite campus in Waynesboro.

Notable Citizens

Burke County claims ten Georgia Governors by birth, residence, or marriage. Lyman Hall, Georgia signer of the Declaration of Independence and member of the Continental Congress, had a plantation in the county. The other nine Governors with Burke County ties are John Houston, Samuel Elbert, Edward Telfair, Jared Irwin, James Jackson, David Emanuel, William Schley, Herschel V. Johnson and Hoke Smith.

Annual Events

A Taste of Burke County offers visitors a chance to try the large variety of food that the county has to offer.

Additional County Info
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State of Georgia

Burke County Museum, Waynesboro

Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant

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