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Community Profile

County Formed December 15, 1818
County Seat Baxley
Incorporated Cities Baxley, Graham and Surrency
Total Area 512.560334 square miles


From its county population in 2000 of 17420 to its current population estimate of 18540, the county has experienced a growth change of 1120.

Appling was named as a posthumous honor for Colonel Daniel Appling of Columbia County, a well-known hero of the War of 1812 (1812-15).

Appling's early economic activity consisted of sales of livestock and timber, and naval stores in Darien and Savannah supplemented incomes. Cotton production gained importance during the 1860s and lasted until a lull in the mid-1980s.

Points of Interest

The Neoclassical Revival-style Appling County courthouse was built in Baxley, the county's second seat, in 1907-8.

In January 2000 Baxley received distinction as a "Better Hometown," an award created by Georgia Power Company and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs to emphasize those areas that possess qualities for potential growth in the state.

The pine turpentine exhibit, located in the Heritage Center Museum in Appling, features a pine tree stump and a "cut box" used to collect sap in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The exhibit contains an extensive collection of tools, as well as posters and papers on the farming and uses of turpentine.

The Georgia Power Company's Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Power Plant is located within the county on the Altamaha River. Completed in 1974, the Hatch Plant makes Georgia Power one of the county's largest employers.

Notable Citizens

Home to the late writer Caroline Miller, the first Georgian to receive the Pulitzer Prize.

Annual Events

Every spring, Baxley hosts Tree Fest, to promote trees and tree products from the area.

Additional County Info
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State of Georgia

Appling County Courthouse, Baxley

Deen's Landing, Altamaha River

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