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Brunswick, the county seat of Glynn County, was incorporated December 3, 1812. Brunswick was founded in 1771 and received its name from the King of England, George III of the House of Brunswick. Many of the street and square names reflect English heritage - Gloucester, Halifax, London, Newcastle and Prince.

Downtown Brunswick is part of the Old Town National Historic District. The heart of the downtown district is historic Newcastle Street lined with Victorian buildings, shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Other city attractions include the Mary Ross Waterfront Park and a 900-year-old tree named Lover's Oak, which is the subject of local legend and lore.

Brunswick's main source of industry comes from its ports, which are the second busiest in the state. The city is perhaps most famous for its contribution to the shrimp industry.

Brunswick is the lowest city in the state, with an elevation of only 14 feet above sea level.

Brunswick tradition goes back to plantation farming, as the city did originally belonged to a settler. This history can be viewed at the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, where tours portray the lifestyle of Brunswick's original settlers.

The Brunswick Harborfest, a celebration of arts, food and music, is held each spring in Downtown Brunswick.

Coastal Georgia Community College is located in Brunswick.

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